Links For Crime Readers & Writers
These are links you may find useful.  If you'd like to suggest any others, I'll do my best to include them.

Murder By The Book.  
Is this the best Crime and Thriller genre bookshop in the world?  You decide.


Top Blogs

Dovegreyreader – a Devonshire based bookaholic,sock-knitting quilter who happens to be a community nurse in her spare time. Your Alternative Number One Reviewer. What she hasn’t read may not be worth reading. Links to all the best Book Blogs.

Susan Hill 

Book Bar

Web Site Links for Debut Novelists, and Aspiring Novelists:  Just Click on the text.

"YouWriteOn.com. The Arts Council fund critiques for new writers from leading publishers each month on YouWriteOn also offers its own book publishing initiative.

Authonomy.com Harper Collins online slush pile. If enough fellow writers back your book the editors will read it. In the menatime you will get lots of useful feedback.

Reading Groups in Greater Manchester
This one seems to have a great time!

Chorlton Chapters


  Crime Novels Set in Manchester


Pride of Manchester - Celebrating literature in the Rock 'n Roll Capital of the World

VAL McDERMID's Dr Tony Hill and Kate Brannigan novels need no introduction.  She is simply up there with the best.

For really edgy Manchester based crime fiction you could always try PAUL SOUTHERN.

CHRIS SIMMS is really beginning to motor with his "...gritty, dark, psychological thrillers"

The new boy on the block.  Coming up fast on the outside.  At 2 novels a year I should up with front runners by 2012!